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 FIELD CARE fine salt from a stock feed

or produce store. I recommend fine salt as it has better
penetration. Pic 4486. Spread the cape out as shown. Pic 3082
Pour salt over the whole cape, spread and rub into every nook
and cranny, under the chin into the lips, the face, eyes and ear
butts. These are important spots as they can be often over
looked when salting. Use plenty of salt as the skin when fresh
will suck it in. Leave the cape like this for a minimum of 24hrs.
In a shaded area (not sunny)Pic 3083.
After 24hrs shake off all excess salt and repeat the whole
procedure again. Then hang it up to dry out of the weather
(shed) in a cool place so that any excess fluid can drain freely.
If it's raining it is important to roll the cape up and store until
fine, after a couple of days drying it will dry out to the
consistency of card boar. The skin can now be folded and
stored in a damp free area ready to be taken to your
taxidermist. The skull cap can be trimmed back to bare
minimum as this is all that is required for mounting trim off themeat from the skull and leave to dry. So if you don't haveaccess to a freezer straight away you are now able to prepareyour skin without the concern of loosing it. Best of luck andremember to keep your knife sharp!